Donate: help us put children's health at the heart of climate action

Our children are most at risk from the impacts of climate change. The No Time For Games campaign is a collection of medical professionals and concerned citizens who want action taken to limit the dangerous impacts of climate change for the health of our children and our planet. 

We're aiming to collect thousands of pledges of support from health professionals and Australians concerned with the impact of climate change on children.

The No Time For Games campaign is supported by Doctors for the Environment Australia. Can you help us by donating towards our campaign?

Your donation will help us pay for campaign activities such as:

  • Produce billboards
  • Design and print flyers
  • Run social media ads
  • Get us to Canberra to handover our pledges
  • Develop and run creative stunts!

A delegation of doctors and medical practitioners will be delivering the No Time For Games pledges to leaders on all sides of politics across the federal election period, demanding they don't play games with our children's health and take serious action on climate.

You can sign the pledge and help us by donating to the campaign!