About No Time For Games

The #NoTimeForGames campaign is an initiative of Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) and is based on the report of the same name. Co-authored by child expert Professor Fiona Stanley in 2015, and recently updated in 2018, it highlights the harms that children currently suffer, and will increasingly experience, if climate change is not addressed. 

#NoTimeForGames provides a platform for health professionals and organisations across Australia to express their concern and to take action in the form of a Pledge to address climate change.

We also extend this campaign to all in Australia who care about our planet, our children and the threat of climate change; to give you a voice, an opportunity to join us calling for action on this urgent issue.

About our campaign coordinator

"to take the politics out of climate change and put health back into it"

Ingo Weber is a qualified rural GP who took up Anaesthetics  whilst overseas and now works as a full time Anaesthetist at the Lyell McEwin Hospital. He lectures at both South Australian medical schools on the health impacts of climate change.

He is a longstanding committee member of DEA, a member of the Australian Medical Association (AMA), and was the medical lead in the successful Concentrated Solar Thermal campaign for Port Augusta.

“The idea for me in rolling out this campaign, was to take the politics out of climate change and put health back into it, making health the central issue of climate change. I care especially about children’s health as it is children who have contributed least to climate change and are least able to do anything about it – yet will pay the biggest price with their health. They are far more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and stand most to lose in terms of life-years lost.

By focusing on children’s health, we bring the future to the present – a powerful reminder that we must act on climate change now.

It is my hope that through this campaign, the health care sector: doctors, students, nurses and allied health professionals, will unite to speak up with one voice on the health impacts of climate change for those who do not have a voice”.

Dr Ingo Weber

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