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Australia’s emissions are rising, and our climate has warmed 1 C degree since records began in 1910. We are already facing more frequent and severe extreme weather, including droughts, bushfires and heatwaves.

Children with bodies that are still developing and too young to care for themselves are the group most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. They are those least responsible yet most vulnerable who will bear the consequences of our climate inaction.

They have a right to grow up in a healthy environment with a stable climate. We don't have time for games! We need to protect children's health.

We call on Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Labor leader Bill Shorten to take urgent action on climate change through the measures listed below.


I pledge to support:

1. An urgent, far more proactive, effective and whole of government approach to climate mitigation to ensure significant health benefits for children.

2. Strengthening our primary, emergency, rural and mental health services to increasingly be able to respond to children affected by climate change, (e.g. during heatwaves)

3. Greening our health care systems, in which health professionals are well placed to be a driving force to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

4. Considering divestment as an effective tool for diverting funds away from fossil fuel-related activities which undermine the fundamentals of health, towards healthy cheaper alternatives such as renewable energies.


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  • Shopna Bag
    signed 2019-02-18 13:05:17 +0800
  • Tegan Williams
    signed 2019-02-18 11:38:28 +0800
  • Claire Ellender
    signed 2019-02-18 11:27:08 +0800
    Policies on climate change will be the number 1 factor for me in my vote at the upcoming federal election. I hope to see real and meaningful policy on this topic to guide my decision.
  • Charles Watson
    signed 2019-02-18 11:02:18 +0800
  • Colin Butler
    signed 2019-02-18 10:37:09 +0800
    Urgent and sincere action on climate change is well overdue. Australia has the solar and intellectual resources to be a world leader in renewable energy production and export. Prime Minister Morrison brought coal in to the Australian parliament. In so doing he expressed not only a lack of understanding of the risk that climate change represents, but his opposition to progress in reducing it.

    Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is ambivalent about the proposed Adani coal mine, showing that he, too, and his party, do not yet sufficiently understand the urgency and importance of the issues involved.

    Doctors and other health workers have already, and can increasingly in the future, contribute to the shift in consciousness in many non-politicians that is now well underway in Australia.

    Alternative livelihoods need to be found for those working in the fossil fuel industry. Transforming our electrical system, including the introduction of electrified transport (bus, car, trucks) will require many workers. At the same time, automation is reducing many mining jobs. Therefore, it is not obvious that transformation of Australia’s energy system will reduce employment. In any case, we urgently need to “green” our economy and provide leadership. I believe such actions, if undertaken, will also have a surprisingly powerful international influence.
  • Linda Robertus
    signed 2019-02-18 09:28:42 +0800
  • John Guy
    signed 2019-02-18 09:04:41 +0800
    TO OUR POLITICIANS: we have a climate emergency. Nothing less than the strongest action our country and community is capable of is now required. 27 years have passed since 172 countries attended the UN Rio Earth Summit and pledged action on the environment. Time is running out.
  • Greg Na
    signed 2019-02-18 09:00:33 +0800
  • Belinda Xie
    signed 2019-02-18 06:02:42 +0800
  • Simon Hauser
    signed 2019-02-18 05:19:08 +0800
  • Pamela Phillips
    signed 2019-02-17 18:27:50 +0800
    Climate change is the biggest threat to children’s health and wellbeing worldwide. We must do all we can to protect them by taking urgent climate action.
  • Lachlan Barton
    signed via 2019-02-17 14:37:48 +0800
  • Oliver Kunz
    signed 2019-02-17 14:30:29 +0800
    Climate Change is an Intergenerational crime
  • Loretta Poerii
    signed 2019-02-17 14:30:03 +0800
  • Jim Allen
    signed 2019-02-17 14:28:34 +0800
  • Katelyn Purnell
    signed 2019-02-17 14:28:16 +0800
  • Kate Mccloskey
    signed 2019-02-17 13:22:18 +0800
  • Bernard Jenner OAM
    signed 2019-02-17 10:17:16 +0800
  • Kaviya Kalyanasundaram
    signed 2019-02-17 09:31:14 +0800
  • Vanessa Hewitt
    signed 2019-02-17 07:41:31 +0800
  • George Skowronski
    signed 2019-02-17 07:16:20 +0800
    George Skowronski
  • fiona wallace
    signed 2019-02-17 06:54:59 +0800
  • Vicki Cutter
    signed 2019-02-16 22:03:27 +0800
  • Maureen Howland
    signed 2019-02-16 20:39:13 +0800
  • Stewart Just
    signed 2019-02-16 16:27:07 +0800
  • Bronwen Griffiths
    signed 2019-02-16 11:04:17 +0800
    Health starts with a healthy planet
  • Charmaine Hammond
    signed 2019-02-16 10:43:36 +0800
  • Sandy Boyce
    signed 2019-02-15 19:50:26 +0800
    Climate change is a health issue, not a political football.
  • Jane Prosser
    signed 2019-02-15 16:57:06 +0800
  • Peter Chan
    signed 2019-02-15 13:44:23 +0800