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    Take the Pledge

    We don't have time for games! We need to protect children's health in this changing climate.

    We call on Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Labor leader Bill Shorten to take urgent action on climate change through the measures listed below.


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    I pledge to support:

    1. An urgent, far more proactive, effective and whole of government approach to climate mitigation to ensure significant health benefits for children.

    2. Strengthening our primary, emergency, rural and mental health services to increasingly be able to respond to children affected by climate change, (e.g. during heatwaves)

    3. Greening our health care systems, in which health professionals are well placed to be a driving force to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

    4. Considering divestment as an effective tool for diverting funds away from fossil fuel-related activities which undermine the fundamentals of health, towards healthy cheaper alternatives such as renewable energies.


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