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    Protect children’s health from climate change

    Join more than 2000 medical colleagues and Australia’s major health colleges and groups as we  issue our new Prime Minister a medical alert stating loud and clear that we must address the climate chaos for the sake of our children.

    As health professionals we are dealing more and more with the harmful effects of the climate crisis on our communities-  in our emergency departments, GP rooms and clinics.

    Global heating which is driving more frequent and extreme weather such as drought, floods, bushfires and heatwaves harms children disproportionately.

    Children are at greater risk of respiratory illness, increases in childhood emergency department visits for asthma, fever, gastroenteritis and heat stroke, as well as psychological trauma.

    Health professionals cannot be silent about the threats of climate change on vulnerable children.

    If we speak out as one voice, much as we have in the past when public health has been threatened, we can keep children safe from climate change- the greatest threat to health humanity has ever faced.

    Children need a healthy planet in which to grow and thrive.

    I pledge to support:

    1. An urgent, proactive and effective whole of government approach to climate mitigation.
    2. Strengthening our primary, emergency, rural and mental health services to increasingly be able to respond to children affected by climate change (e.g. during heatwaves and extreme weather events).

    3. Greening our health care systems, in which health professionals are well placed to be a driving force to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste. 

    4. Considering divestment as an effective tool for diverting funds away from fossil fuel-related activities. 

    #NoTimeForGames is an initiative of Doctors for the Environment Australia 

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